10 Best Hot Tub Party Ideas

Owning a hot tub can not only be a treat for your sore muscles, but it can also be the perfect way to bring your family, friends & loved ones together. Whether it’s a casual night with your family or a planned party with friends, the possibilities are endless when it comes to entertaining yourself and others with the help of your spa.

We composed ten easy ways to bring people together, and can’t decide which one is our favorite! You’ll find options for kiddos of all ages (think 10-100 years old), for multiple seasons and reasons to party.

Movie Night

A fun theme night to have with your kiddos or best buds is getting the gang together for a movie night at your house. A projector outside is great, and you can watch the movie from your hot tub and backyard. Have fun with it by offering treats, including popcorn, candy, soda, pretzels and more. Bonus points for a hot tub themed movie—we love Hot Tub Time MachineJ

Hot Cocoa Night

Are the winter blues getting you down? Invite friends over for a “beat the chill” kind of night. Have a hot chocolate bar filled with goodies like marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and sprinkles by your hot tub, so guests can build their own hot chocolate and stay cozy in the hot tub.

If you have snow on the ground, have a snowman building contest and see how creative you can get! Make it interesting and use fun objects from around the house as props that have to be used—get ready to laugh at the result!

Hot Tub Game Night

Take your game night up a notch in your hot tub! Water proof card games, charades and floating board games are among our favorites! We love a good card game at the kitchen table, and love it even more in a cozy hot tub. With options for kids to adults, you will have many nights to remember, filled with lots of laughs!

Kid Birthday Party

A fun beach themed hot tub party for your son or daughter will be the talk of the school with all their friends! Send out fun invites, making sure the guests bring a towel and their suit, and invite the parents along too!

Adult Birthday Party

After you throw your kiddo a hot tub birthday party, you may want one for yourself! Have your friends over for a casual afternoon in the hot tub, along with drinks, games and presents. It’s a perfect way to shake up an average party.


Do you have a special date coming up with your significant other, and want to make it extra special? Arrange a special night that includes a romantic fire, champagne, and some time to spend together in your hot tub!

We promise you they will love the thought you put into it, and it will be night to remember.

Spa Party

Invite all of your friends over for a spa night, and help not only melt your week’s worries away, but your pal’s as well. We love DIY facials, manicures, pedicure, herbal tea, and most important, your hot tub! Spend the night pampering yourself and your girlfriends, with a cup of hot tea (or wine!) in hand.

Bachelorette Party

Throwing a bachelorette party at your house is a great way to make memories, but also save money. Have the bride’s friends over for a night-in, complete with cocktails, a soak in the hot tub, presents and games! It will be a night to remember and is the perfect way to have fun on a chilly day in winter.

Make sure the party goers know to bring their towels, suits and their favorite game!

Wine Club

A wonderful way to learn about new wines is starting up your very own wine club. Why not make it even more fun and hold your meetings in your hot tub! People can bring a new wine they want to try and spend time relaxing and talking about the various wines with fellow wine lovers. It will be a night you’ll look forward to, and is a great excuse to get friends together!

Camping with the Kids

Make a summer memorable for your kids by planning out a camping trip in your very own back yard. Pack your bags with swimming suits, towels, pajamas and set up a tent in the backyard. Take turns telling scary stories, or play a board game (waterproof of course!) in your hot tub, then cozy up by the fire, before heading off to bed in your sleeping bags. It will be fun for the whole family!

What fun plans do you have in-store for you and your family? We can’t wait to hear about it!