3 Cool Things People are doing with their Hot Tubs

When is a hot tub not just a hot tub? When it’s part of a themed room or outdoor hangout, that’s when! Whether their hot tubs are therapeutic or purely for relaxation, people are getting incredibly creative with their set-ups. Fancy turning your own hot tub space into a cool themed oasis? Check out these great ideas and see what you can come up with to turn something great into something truly amazing.

Back Yard Lagoon

Back yard lagoons are attractive and fun, and totally affordable to set up on your own. It’s easy in any space, whether your yard is big or small – all you need are some tall, exotic plants, maybe a few rock formations, and you’re there! A natural shape is best for the hot tub itself, so that it blends well with the flora. The e-series 524 tub is perfect for this project, since its round shape mimics a pristine natural pool. The Napa is another great choice.

In the summer, plant large flowering plants for a Caribbean feel, and incorporate palms that can survive at moderate temperatures. If you expect heavy snowfall later in the year, use large pots so the “lagoon” plants can come inside to await milder temperatures.

At-Home Luxury Spa

Everyone loves a well-stocked, luxurious spa. Why wait for the right time to book a spa day when you can have an amazing experience right at home? The hot tub is a perfect center for your own luxury treatments, including facials, salt scrubs, aromatherapy and intensive hair conditioning.

To set up your own perfect luxury spa, think indulgence. Find a set of oversized, fluffy towels, color-coordinated candles, and build up your hot tub environment with a bar and stools, plus storage cabinets to hold your various potions and creams. Add inspiring artwork on the walls, make a soothing music playlist and then forget about the rest of the world for a while.

Sports Bar Hangout

If the sports bar is your kind of place to chill out and have fun, then this idea is perfect for you. It’s totally simple – just take those basic sports bar elements that you love when you’re out on the town, and incorporate them into your hot tub environment.

Bring in a flat-screen TV and mount it on the wall to give you the perfect viewing angle from in your hot tub. Install the fitted bar and stools, and bring in a towel collection emblazoned with your favorite team logos. Team posters and sports memorabilia can adorn the walls, while a mini-fridge sits nearby, stocked full with beer, Gatorade, peanuts and snacks. Now your tub is the perfect place for a game-night party with friends or a quiet night at home.

If you can imagine it, your hot tub can probably be a part of it. What’s your favorite real-life or fantasy hangout? Get creative and turn your indoor or outdoor hot tub area into a totally personalized space that really lets you enjoy it to the fullest.