5 Tips For Choosing A Hot Tub

Owning your own hot tub is one of those wonderful marks of true adulthood – a time in your life where anything is possible when it comes to comfort and design. So, have you made the decision to buy a hot tub but aren’t sure what to look for? Not to worry. Although there are many models and types of hot tubs to choose from, it’s easy to find the right one by following these 5 simple tips.

Allocate the Tub-Using Privileges

Is the hot tub for you and your spouse, or is it for party guests as well? The answer to this question will influence two things: where you ultimately decide to place the tub, and how large it should be. A private tub like the Rendezvous or the Spirit will make a pleasant addition to your ensuite bathroom, but it could be a bit disappointing for group soaks on the balcony. Party pools should feature larger designs and more tub space, like the Resort or the Show.

Measure, Measure, Measure!

You probably already have a few ideas about where to install your new hot tub; on the porch, the deck, or the large ensuite, for example. But do you know exactly how much space you’re working with in that area? Mismeasuring by just a few centimeters can cause some major headaches down the line, so don’t estimate or forget to triple-check!

Choose a Color You Love

Sure, you may have just redone the entire house in shades of burgundy and chocolate brown, but your hot tub needn’t match. On the other hand, changing the color of your spa tub isn’t like swapping out the wallpaper – so you should choose a color that you really love. Neutral tones will work with any home decoration scheme, but if you’re more excited by a vibrant, bold color, go for it!

Target your Sore Spots

Top-notch hot tubs like the e-750 or the Napa aren’t just designed to give you a nice, warm soak – they’re designed to relax and soothe aching muscles and joints. Are you hoping to use some of your hot tub time to target problem areas on your body? Don’t forget about these when choosing the tub model. Check that the jets will reach the muscles you need them to reach. If they don’t, try a different tub.

 Choose an Efficient Model for your Needs

If you are the one responsible for cleaning the tub and maintaining the filters and pumps, think ahead. Which system seems the easiest to operate, for you? Which materials may wear down sooner than you would like, given the environment they will be facing? Ask questions and find out which hot tub system is best for your home.

Forethought and planning are all it takes to find the perfect hot tub for you!

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