$500 Off MicroSilk System

Save $500* on the new MicroSilk system during Marquis’ MicroSilk Beauty Event.

Experience the latest in hot tub technology, with the MicroSilk system available on select Marquis Hot Tubs. The MicroSilk system is a special pump that creates millions of tiny bubbles that envelope your body in a soothing cloud of oxygen. Increased oxygen levels on your skin result in better circulation and cellular respiration, which in turn leaves the skin rejuvenated and silky smooth.

Increased skin metabolism, enhanced skill cell growth, cleansing of pores, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, increased skin hydration, therapeutic levels of anions, neutralization of free radicals, and relief from symptoms of eczema and psoriasis are just some of the benefits of the new MicroSilk system.

*$500 savings off of MSRP, hot tub must be purchased by 6/2/14 and delivered by 6/30/14.