6 Entertaining Hot Tub Games You Can Play With Friends and Family

Hot tubs are great for families of all numbers and can be a versatile way to spend time together with friends and family, or by yourself for a relaxing night in. If you’re looking for a night of solitude, grab a book and a glass of wine, and head to your hot tub for a relaxing soak. On the flip side, if it’s your night to host your group of friends, a hot tub party might just be the ticket to a successful night.

Having the gang over for an entertaining night in your backyard wouldn’t be complete without some fun, crowd pleasing games. We asked around and searched high and low for the best games out there and can’t wait to try all of these with our family. Watch out, you might have some traditions form and never ending laughs if you try any of these out!

Waterproof Card Games

You can “go-fish” right in your hot tub with waterproof playing cards! Many brands offer plastic playing cards that are safe if they fall in the hot tub. They are super durable so they will last night after a night of poker games, gin, rummy or Go Fish! This is a great option for kids of all ages and adults. An upside down plastic Frisbee makes for a great floating “table” in the water for games that require picking from a hand.  Many types of waterproof card games are available.

Floating Board Games

There are a plethora of board games out there from poker to checkers to chess that can float right on the water in your hot tub. How fun would it be to have a checker tournament right in your back yard! Add a floating drink holder and you’re all set for the night!

Duck from the Duck

This game is simple, don’t let the duck touch you! We recommend buying a dozen rubber ducks and let them loose in your hot tub. The object of the game is to not let any part of your body come into contact with the duck. If it does, you have to sit out. The last person standing is the winner! You can mix it up by putting more ducks in your hot tub or what happens when you or a friend comes in contact with one of the sneaky ducks! The sky is the limit with this one!


This is a great game to play in your hot tub with guests! It’s a simple way to get conversation and laughs going! Pick two teams and have fun coming up with different movies and objects. Each team will take turns acting out the movie or object so the other members of the team are able to guess it. The first team to five guesses wins! Bonus if you have an object that each team has to use, while acting out their guesses.

Stargazing with the Family

This isn’t quite the roll on the floor laugh out loud game like the others, but we still wanted to mention it. It’s such a rare opportunity to be able to spend quiet, quality time with the family. Whether you have a minute or an hour, take some time to learn about the constellations & bonus if you can see them and spot them out! There are numerous apps that can help educate you and your kids about the stars in the sky; take a minute and check one out, then spend time relaxing in your hot tub and look for some stars!

Ping-Pong Fun

Have fun by placing cups filled with water around the edges of your hot tub and take turns trying to throw ping pongs in the cups! You can have different cups be different points, or see how many overall ping pong you can get throughout a certain time span. Or even have 10 shots per person and the person with the most shots in wins! This is a fun game for children and adults of all ages and doesn’t require too much set-up.

Have fun and be safe in your hot tub! Make sure to set some ground rules with kids when it comes to safety and playing games. Most of all, relax, and create some memories with friends and family!