Aromatherapy Options for Hot Tubs

Few things go better with a soak in the hot tub than a soothing aroma that glides along the surface of the water and envelopes you. Aromatherapy is a practice used by holistic health practitioners who believe that certain fragrances have the ability to soothe and heal the body. Adding fragrances to your hot tub will most definitely intensify your relaxation and therapy experience, but it’s important to choose the scents carefully before pouring them in.

Which Fragrances are Okay to Use with a Hot Tub?

Fragrance is the general term for any scented oil. Oil is a good carrier for aroma since it protects the delicate structure of the cologne and it is easy to add to skin care products, perfumes and – of course – hot tubs.

Oils that are colored could leave stains on the sides of your hot tub, so it is important to use only hot tub-friendly products. Other fragrance products, such as time-released scent capsules, can not only stain your hot tub but leave small pieces that can clog the filtration system. It’s best to avoid these altogether and focus on pure fragranced oils or crystals that are recommended for hot tubs.

Stay away from products that are cream-based, Epsom Salts, and other types of bath salts that are not designed for hot tubs.  These products are likely to cause problems with the equipment and filtration system in your tub. If in doubt, read through the product reviews and feel free to ask your friendly hot tub dealer any questions that are on your mind!

Marquis carries a line of hot tub aromatherapy scents that work wonderfully with hot tubs and are recommended for use in a tub by Marquis.

Good Aromatherapy Options for your Hot Tub Experience

Liquid aromatherapy fragrances are a good option, since these are easy to use and virtually mess-free. Simply uncap the bottle, add the recommended amount straight into the tub, and enjoy! Many of these are designed to evaporate or be filtered out within one day, so that little residue is left behind. An assortment of scents are available in this form, such as eucalyptus, spearmint, grapefruit and chamomile.  For even easier use, consider adding an Aroma Infusions system.  Aroma Infusions is a new option that is available on most Marquis Hot Tubs that injects fragrances in to the water with the simple push of a button.

Scented crystals are another great option for bringing beautiful fragrances like Lavender Palmarosa or Warm French Vanilla into your hot tub environment.  Some of the scented crystal products can even provide anti-inflammtory and stress-relief benefits similar to those found in bath salt products.

The best way to find the aromatherapy product that is right for you is to test them out.  Marquis has an assortment of liquid and crystal scents that can be scent-tested before purchasing.

Cleaning and Maintenance after Aromatherapy Sessions

Fortunately Marquis hot tubs utilize high-flow filtration systems that allow our tubs to filter thousands of gallons per day.  A properly engineered filtration system will usually remove most scents within 24 hours; this is good in case you add a fragrance that you end up not enjoying.  The SmartClean system built in to all Marquis hot tubs will also automatically clean the water after each use, which will remove excess fragrance and anything that is brought in to the tub by the user.  For best water filtration, remember to clean and replace your filters periodically.

That’s all there is to it! Experiment with some different fragrances, and enjoy your aromatherapy hot tub experience.