How 20 Minutes in the Spa Can Improve Your Outlook

Relaxation is a word we hear all the time and its true meaning has almost become lost and watered down from overuse and generalization. Relaxation in its rawest form is “the state of being free from tension and anxiety.” Words like tranquility, unwinding, repose and tranquility are used in conjunction with the term relaxation, but what does it mean on a physical and mental level to be relaxed?

There are different ways for you to find relaxation in your life. We’ve compiled a few ways you can use your hot tub to not only relax for a few minutes, but also improve your very outlook on life.

Relaxation Techniques

We recommend setting aside at least 20 minutes a day that is dedicated to your well-being. We have tailored this particular experience to a hot tub, but you can easily translate it to a hot soak in your bath. In the beginning it may not be second nature to set this time aside organically, so a reminder on your calendar or a post-it note may help you in remembering to carve out time for yourself.

Here are a few ways to get the most out of your soaking time:

When you first enter the hot tub, slowly submerge your body, all the way until the water hits your chin, right below your mouth. This will assist in opening up your pores and will help rush blood to your extremities, which in turn warms you from head to toe.

Next step is taking a few minutes to stretch your muscles in a purposeful and safe way. Go through stretching your arms, back, neck, legs and core. Start a routine that feel good to you; maybe it’s stretching your neck back and forth, then moving to your arms, twisting your core, then finally ending with your legs.

Deep breathing is next up after stretching; start by inhaling through your nose then exhaling through your mouth. Hold each breath for a few seconds, then release. As you breathe out, envision the stress leaving your body! After about 10-20 times, come back to normal breathing.

After a deep breathing (or during) take the time to be in the moment with yourself. Maybe turn on the jets in your spa for added relaxation, or start a few minutes of meditation to help clear your mind.

Physical Components of De-Stressing

The side-effects of stress can come in all shapes in sizes. Maybe it’s a headache, stomach pain, acne, sleeplessness or overeating. However your body and mind deals with stress will be different from person to person. The reasons you truly feel relaxed after spending a few minutes in your spa have to do with your body’s physiology.

Studies have shown that time immersed in hot water can reduce your heart rate, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure by over 10 percent! Along with lowering your heart rate, time spent in your hot tub will lower your levels of cortisol in the blood, the very hormone that causes stress. While levels of cortisol go down, levels of dopamine increase.

Finally, after spending time in your hot tub, you’ll feel an improvement in your sleeping habits. How does that work? It has to do with elevating your body temperature, which triggers your sleepiness and relaxation. With sleeping better you may find yourself seeing improvements in your life in other areas—you could see improvements with your immune system and more!

Find ways to incorporate your hot tub in your daily routine to help lower your stress and overall improve your health and outlook on life. It’s important to own your stressors and not only address them, but find ways that you can ease your mind from stressors that you can’t avoid. Cheers to a relaxing 20 minutes in your spa, you’ll thank us later!