How Long Do Today’s Hot Tubs Last?

A common question that comes up in any potential hot-tub owner’s mind is “How long will my hot-tub last?” This is a complex question and one that we love discussing with our clients.

We like to approach our answer in two ways—first it comes down to what hot-tub you are purchasing, and second it depends on how your hot-tub is cared for. Get a Marquis hot-tub and take great care of it? You’re looking at a wonderful, long-term relationship with your hot-tub.

The first part of this equation is the actual hot-tub you are purchasing. If you go with a Marquis hot-tub you are looking at at least 10 years of quality, relaxing time. Taking great care of your hot-tub can push this even farther; we love seeing customers satisfied 15-20 years down the road after purchasing their hot-tub.

Marquis Hot Tubs

Marquis hot-tubs are built to last—they are designed with cutting-edge features for your supreme comfort and long-lasting enjoyment. We are proud to be Spasearch™ Certified and Spasearch™ Approved—these endorsements are only awarded to hot tub manufacturers that demonstrate excellence on every level, from product reliability to consumer satisfaction, so when the discussion of the lifespan of our tubs comes up, we love having previous customers show how satisfied they are with their Marquis hot tubs.

Hot Tub Longevity

Now that we hopefully cleared up how proud we are of our hot tubs, it’s important to talk about how to get the most time out of your Marquis hot tub. The key word to maintaining the longevity of your tub is maintenance. The lifetime of a hot tub is essentially up to the owner, and just like a car, a unit that is properly maintained will outlast one that is neglected, hands down.

We compiled a list of some helpful tips & reminders to help assist you in purchasing a hot tub and/or keep your current hot tub in tip-top shape to stick around for years to come.

Regular Maintenance

 With the purchase of a hot tub comes the commitment of time to take care of it. Regular maintenance is similar across the board for most hot tubs—chemical testing, cleaning your filter, shocking, washing the shell & checking for crack/leaks in piping are most common. Marquis hot tubs have a few perks we think you’ll be happy with—they require the least amount of maintenance, so you’ll be finding yourself with ample time to relax and unwind!

Parts of the hot tub that come in contact with chemicals should be cleaned every once in a while—we like cleaning everything when the tub is drained and refilled.

A hot tub cover usually lasts about 5 years with proper maintenance. We recommend treating your cover with cover cleaner, keeping it clean of debris, maintaining proper water chemical levels, water levels & properly handling and removing the cover. Follow these are you will not only extend the lifetime of your cover, but also of your hot tub, because the cover is able to function at it’s highest level!


 The warranty you take out on your hot tub is also a crucial part of your happiness and the overall lifespan of your hot tub. A good warranty should cover the finish, equipment & structure of the hot tub.

We have two different warranties we offer for our Marquis tubs; the first is a Marquis Signature Owner’s Protection Plan. This plan offers a 10 year structure warranty, 7 year surface & 5 year equipment warranty. Our e-Series Owner’s Protection Plan offers 5 years structure, 2 years surface & 3 years equipment warranty.

Talk to your local dealer to determine what warranty plan is best for you & if you have any further questions in the details.

With the proper care and maintenance, you could easily be celebrating a 20 year anniversary with your hot tub! Now that’s a great relationship!