Make Your Spa Cover Last

The Oregon climate can definitely take it’s toll on your hot tub cover. To give your cover the longest possible life, you will want to use a surface treatment to protect the vinyl and stitching. The best product to use on a hot tub cover is 303 Protectant. This product was originally developed for the aviation and boating industries, but has since become popular for protecting many other types of products. 303 Protectant provides a high level of UV protection, which acts like an SPF 40 sunscreen for your cover. Without any protectant, the cover vinyl and stitching will dry out and get brittle with changes in weather throughout the year. By applying 303 Protectant 3-4 times a year, your cover will keep it’s “new” look and shine. You will also find that your cover repels dust and maintains it’s original color. 303 Protectant is available at all Marquis Company Store locations.