Marquis Epic

We bought a Marquis Epic and also got a small step, larger storage step, corner step and a 2 compartment cabinet that they had to custom size due to the support bracket on our hydraulic cover lifter.

Bottom line is we love the tub, much nicer than my first tub. Basically 2 loungers, which we wanted, 3 seats at different elevation for cooling off a little, 2 monster jets that make my wife make great noises when she puts her feet up against them. The controls are nice. One great thing is in addition to the 2 different 3 way valves almost every jet can be manually turned off or on, so if it’s just the 2 of us, we can direct each pump to only a hand full of jets if we want, or if 4-5 in the tub, more jets can be opened for the other people. The ability to turn each pump on low or hi from each lounger is also a nice feature. The hydraulic cover lifter is nice, wife does not even grunt when lifting the cover.

All in all, we are very happy with the quality, design and features of this tub. Thought I would share in case anybody is interested.

~ Steve, Hillsboro, OR