Happy With My Purchase

I have owned a Marquis Spas U530 since Nov 2005.  From the start Marquis showed excellent sales staff with non-pressure presentation at a sales event at Volcanoes Stadium.  It was delivered on time and set up was a breeze.  Maintenance is very easy and no fuss with the “Frog” system.  Upkeep is also easy and it also keeps my spa ready to go.  The test strips for chemicals are quick and definitive.  Everything is very “user-friendly, the owner’s manual gives easy to follow instructions and a great troubleshooting section.  Our costs of running it year round is about $1.25 a day using the “smart cleaning” system at filtering every 4hrs in the high usage and once a day during low usage.  An added plus is we get 10% discount on supplies and accessories.  I have a lot of confidence in the company being local and I have
a store minutes away from my home.

~ Frank C