How Did We Live Without A Spa

How did we live without a spa for so long!

We purchased our spa in December and are in it as much as possible. After researching some of the different manufactures we landed on Marquis. We purchased their “Reward” model and waited a bit for the 2013 model so we could take advantage of their new bluetooth technology to listen to music through our ipad with no cords needed directly into the spa. At the beginning it was a little difficult to get the chemicals just right. I think we have it down now and made it part of a routine.

To the spa…we got one with a lounger which is great, but probably my favorite part is the power you get from the jets. I thought it may be weak when multiple zones were running but it has been amazing. Looking up at the stars, with a cold drink, and the jets bubbling around you is a great way to end a day!

We had some challenges with the delivery and the timing but everything was worked out. The store manager was nice enough to give store credit or a our first spa cleaning for free to make up for the delay. This was not an inexpensive purchase but so far well worth the investment.

~ Jim G