Thank You

Van Hager,

Appreciate your time today. We were definitively shopping for the right tub for us and you helped us find it.

One thing that both Julie and I would personally like to thank you for is listening. Granted, you are a great conversationalist, but the things that we discussed together were engaging, fun, and had substance. Personally you created a fun learning experience, and most important all was relevant to our experience. We visited 3 other Spa manufactures today and in 2 of the 3 visits, the sales person had their own agenda. You are our forth visit and with one agenda, to put yourself in our shoes by listening.

Granted the 2015 Marquis Spirit with Microsilk technology is right for us because of the jet configuration and we felt it would provide us with the therapy we are seeking.

But the things we are also excited about with our experience with Marquis is you are employee owned, which translates to lower overhead and more competitive prices. Also you are made in Oregon, which is just plain cool and we feel really good about helping grow Oregon’s manufacturing economy (as we are both natives to Oregon all our lives).

Thank you for taking the time to answer all our questions about the 2015 Marquis Spirit.

You are very seasoned professional with a ton of experience and don’t change a thing with your sales style, it’s perfect.

I hope you take that as a win from us, please keep doing what you’re doing as we really enjoyed it and you will help a lot of people here in the near future. Which is what life is all about.

~ Mike H