ATV-14 Splash

ATV™-14 Splash offers all of the functions of the ATV™-14 Sport, just with a little less flow intensity and cost. A single pump powers two swim end jets and includes one swim tether for aquatic exercise. Plus the ATV™-14 Splash will look great in your space. The synthetic wood exterior is the best in the industry and the optional matching exterior steps will create a beautiful focal point in your yard. Discover how to improve your healthy performance and elevate your swim spa experience with an Aquatic Training Vessel™ by Marquis® today!

Image of Marquis ATV Swim Spa Overhead

The ATV-14 Swim Spa from Marquis

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  • Dimensions: 168.5in. x 89.5in. x 56in.
  • Electric: 240v 30 or 50 amp
  • Water Capacity: 1725 gal.
  • Pumps: 1 MP160, 160 GPM
  • Filters: 2 filters
  • Weight dry/wet: 2140/16526 lbs.
  • Jet Count: 26 therapy + 2 turbo swim jets