Using Minerals To Sanitize Water

Did you know you can drastically cut down your chemical use by using a mineral cartridge to sanitize your water?

A mineral cartridge contains Silver Chloride, which is a natural antimicrobial agent. Silver has been used for hundreds of years as a water purifier, and recently technology has now made this available for use in hot tubs. The benefits of using a mineral cartridge include a 50% reduction in chlorine or bromine use, clearer water, softer skin, protection of the hot tub equipment, and no more faded bathing suits.

Most Marquis Hot Tubs come with a built-in water management system that dispenses minerals in to the water. If your hot tub didn’t come equipped with this system, you can pick up a mineral stick that goes in your filter, or a floating SpaFrog system that uses a mineral and bromine cartridge.

Tip: pair a mineral cartridge with a Marquis ozone system for super-low chemical levels!