What Size Hot Tub Is Right For You?

Now that you’ve made the exciting decision to purchase a hot tub, the next most important step is honing in on what size spa will be ideal for you and your family, guests & most importantly, you!

This is where we come in—with so many sizing options & models to choose from, it sometimes can be intimidating to go from—“okay, we want to buy a hot-tub!” to “which one is best for us?”

Take some time to go through our trusty check list to see what tub is best for you & you’ll be relaxing on your patio in your new hot tub in no time.

Relaxation vs. Hydrotherapy

 The first question to ask yourself is what the focus you want your new spa to have in your routine. Are you looking for a spa that will give you a place to wind down after a long day, or perhaps be the go to place to enjoy friend’s and family’s company? Or maybe you are looking for a 1-2 seat hydrotherapy focused spa that may be small, but is mighty in therapy.

Here we break down two of our most common hot tubs and why our customers bought them. The 660™ hot tub is 90″ x 90″ x 35” and can hold 6 to 7 people. This is the hot-tub that is perfect for anyone looking to entertain and offer their family a relaxing spot outside of their home. It has a super deep therapy seat that adds the element of hydrotherapy with the balance of relaxation.

On the other hand, The Spirit Hot Tub for Therapy is a favorite for people with back and neck issues. It’s small but packs a powerful punch to knock out knots, kinks & get you on the swift road to recovery. This tub is also great for couples looking for a way to reconnect—grab a book, a glass of wine, & head to your hot tub with your sweetie for a relaxing evening. This tub has 4 seats, and comes in at 66” x 84” x 35”.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Hot Tub Placement

 Because of the great range in sizes, the next factor to consider is where you’ll get the maximum use out of your hot tub—in the house or outside? 80% of hot tub owners find the perfect place for their hot tub outside. If size is a limitation, due to the room size, backyard size, or the overall logistics involved in finding a home for your hot tub, then a smaller model tub is waiting to be loved by you!

Our smallest hot tub with the biggest heart is The Rendezvous and it’s perfect for tight spaces. It can be tucked into a small corner & with it’s 120V plug-and-play system it become a part of an indoor room with ease. It easily fits two people that can both experience deep therapy & neck massages.

If you are planning to put your tub outside, then consider how it will be situated & what size will work best for the environment. Will you have a deck? How far are you willing to trek in the cold from your home? Your backyard layout and dimensions will help you determine what size is best for you!

Preparing the site where your new hot tub will sit, whether it’s the ground, floor, deck, slab or patio is a big step in helping you determine the size hot tub that will work for you, because you’ll see how much space the spa will truly take up. Measure multiple times and talk with your local store for options that are best for you.

Number of Jets & Seats Desired

With the amount of range in jets & seats from spa to spa, talk about your options with your local Marquis Dealer to pick out the hot tub that is perfect for you. If you are looking for a smaller spa to relax in solitude then there are spas that will be the perfect fit. If you are looking to entertain, think through various scenarios and events you would have people over. Asking people to take turns isn’t fun, so if your space allows, get a tub that will fit your entertaining needs.

The amount of jets doesn’t always coincide with the number of seats you have. For instance, The Show model has 82 jets & 5 seats, where The Wish has 50 jets & 5 seats. Go through each model & see what you like about them & which one will be the right fit for you!

Size comes down to entertainment, numbers in your family, location & what you truly want out of your hot tub experience! We can’t wait to hear about what model you choose!