What to Look for When Buying a Hot Tub

Choosing a hot tub is pretty exciting, but it’s no time to lose sight of the bigger picture. After all, there’s no point falling in love with The Broadway just to bring it home and realize there’s no room for it in your master bathroom without knocking down a wall. Apart from dimensions, there are a few other characteristics you should look for when buying a hot tub; the shape, the filter system, care instructions and warranty.

The Shape of Your Hot Tub

Generally speaking, the shape of the hot tub you choose is relatively unimportant – until you consider the space where you’d like to have it installed. A quintessential square hot tub like The Promise isn’t going to fit everywhere, since its shape is rather unforgiving. If you’re determined to work a hot tub into your existing bathroom or porch but don’t have a huge amount of space, consider a more unorthodox shape. A more demure tub like The Mirage can fit snugly into an available corner and look perfect.

Filtration Systems

The filtration system in your hot tub should be a primary consideration, since it is this mechanism that keeps the tub clean and clear of debris. There are two basic types of filtration systems for hot tubs and spas: side suction, and side pressure.

Side suction filtration works by sucking the water into the filter, and then circulating it back into the tub. Unfortunately, this type of filter is criticized for failing to circulate – and therefore filter – all of the water in the tub.

A side pressure filtration system works with two suction areas, one near the top of the tub and one closer to the bottom. This water is pumped into the filter and then back into the tub via the jets.

Pressure filtration is more reliable, meaning that it should ideally be included in the hot tub you choose for your home.

Hot Tub Care Instructions

Like any machine, your new hot tub needs care and maintenance. The better quality the tub, the easier it is to keep clean and functional. Every tub comes with a manual that explains everything you need to know about taking care of it; however these instructions vary from manual to manual and tub to tub. While one designer may recommend using bromine to kill bacteria in the water, another may prefer chlorine.

Before you make your final decision, read carefully through the care instructions and compare them with others. Figure out if you are more comfortable with one set over the other, and also whether you can easily find the cleaning materials that are recommended by the manufacturer.

The Warranty

Like most pieces of technology, the high-quality tubs come with a long-lasting warranty and a higher price tag. The length and quality coverage of a warranty should be important to you because of the simple fact that sometimes, manufacturing goes awry. The best companies make mistakes, and that’s why they’ve issued warranties – to keep customers happy and accommodated. Check out that warranty before you order.

Once you’ve covered all these bases, it’s time to bring that brand new hot tub home! Thinking ahead means that your new purchase will fit where it is supposed to, look great, stay clean with ease and satisfy everyone who steps inside.